iPhone 6s & 6S Plus

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Screen Repairs

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Share with: New Repair Service Now In! DannStarr Electronics are now offering Apple iPhone 6S and 6S plus screen repairs, furthermore, the prices are fantastic! Apple have created two of the most beautiful and technologically advanced phones available on the market today. At DannStarr Electronics, we recognise Apple’s high quality workmanship, and seek to maintain it at all costs. In order to preserve those qualities, while still offering affordable repair options, we use only genuine original iPhone 6S […]


Official iPhone Unlocking Now Available!!

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Share with: By popular demand, DannStarr Electronics now offers full, official (authorised by Apple) permanent iPhone unlocking. Only a few months ago, we wrote an article here, all about locked iPhones, and gave full advice on how you should go about getting your iPhone unlocked. We wrote this in the interests of keeping you from being scammed, as there is only one way to get an official iPhone unlock, and that means it has to […]

iphone 6 tempered

Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors @ DannStarr Electronics

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Share with: Our premium 2.5D, 9H tempered glass screen protectors are now in stock and available for iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6S models. These are being offered at £5 with every screen repair, or £10 as a standalone purchase. Please visit our store if you would like to make a standalone purchase. Our Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are designed to protect your device screen against impact, scratches, dust and fingerprint smudges. Manufactured […]

apple lightening cable

Apple MFI Certified Lightening cables @ DannStarr Electronics

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Share with: New in!! Original high quality Apple MFI certified 1 meter lightening cables. On sale for £7!! Visit our store to make a purchase today. Due to popular demand, DannStarr Electronics now stock 1 meter lightening cables for your Apple devices. MFI certified means that the manufacturer has had to pay Apple for the licence to produce the cable. Once the manufacturer is approved, Apple then share the required technical information to ensure that […]


iTunes Error 53 – third party iPhone repairs – Set The Record Straight

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Share with: No doubt we’ve all seen the media reports surrounding Apple bricking iPhones that have supposedly been repaired by anyone other than Apple? The report that started all the uproar was this by The Guardian: Guardian Error 53 report Since then, I’ve read as many of these similar reports as I could, and it annoys me that I’ve only seen one which is actually factually correct!! Even Apple themselves have made inaccurate comments. So much […]


How To Transfer Your Photo And Video Files From iPhone To Mac

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Share with: With Apple discontinuing their popular Aperture application, and the updated iPhoto application to work with El Capitan not yet available to UK users, iPhone and Mac users are seemingly forced to use Apples newer “Photos” app. The Photo’s app is fine for simply viewing your pics and videos, and sharing them to your favourite social media, however, you don’t actually get access to the physical file of your photo, and it’s all becoming […]


Should I Buy A Locked Second Hand iPhone?

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Share with: Should You Ever Buy A Second Hand Locked iPhone? No. Personally I never would. You can do, and it CAN work out quite fine for you, but I never would, I would never take the risk. What risk? OK…. lets look at both the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6S. One of the them is just over a year old, the other has been out just a couple of weeks. Unless someone found a […]


iPhone Unlocking

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Share with: iPhone Unlocking Why is your iPhone locked? Who locked it, how? and how can you get it unlocked? What is a locked iPhone? A locked iPhone is an iPhone that will only work with a SIM card from one specific network. Why Do I have A Locked iPhone? Apple design their iPhones to sell to their customers. They sell the phones either directly to the end user through their own retail stores, or […]


Google Chromecast 2015 First Look

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Share with: Our new Google Chromecast arrived just yesterday and we’ve been spending some time with it to see what it can, and can’t do. First up, lets get the official specs out of the way: · SoC: Marvell ARMADA 1500 Mini Plus · CPU: 2 X Cortex A7 (1.3Ghz?) · Memory: 512MB · Wireless: 1×1 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11ac · Display Output: 1080p · Max Video Decode: 1080p · Port: HDMI + Micro USB for power […]

water damaged iPhone

Phone gone in Water? DON’T put it in rice

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Share with: Water damaged iPhone – Please don’t put it in rice! I wanted to take some time out to provide some useful information about what you should do in the event that you find yourself with a water damaged iPhone. The common advice given by everyone and their grandmother is to put it in rice. I have even said this myself to people in the past. As good natured and well-intended as this advice is, […]